chicken breeds I have kept
hy-line Brown
Hybrid egg laying chicken similar in looks and temperament to the ISA Brown.  The eggs it lays are on average smaller than the ISA Brown but, according to the statistics I have seen, it produces more eggs. What is truly lovely about this chicken is that it is amazingly friendly.  If I walked into the chicken yard with a bucket of food I would literally be tripping over them as they crowded around my feet.  When turning the compost bins, which are in the chicken run, I literally  had to shovel them out of the road so I could get at the compost.

If you are looking for a purely egg laying chicken that's both very friendly and a terrific layer then this breed is ideal. 

Note that Hy-Line Brown and Lohmann Brown chickens are almost identical in appearance, temperament and egg production.   Either one is suitable if you are looking for a reliable hybrid egglayer.

advantages/disadvantages summary

Photos of Hy-Line Chickens
  • Cheaper than pure bred chickens.
  • Excellent layers.
  • Rarely go broody (good if you don't have a rooster).
  • Very friendly
  • Robust.

  • Poor meat chicken.
  • Rarely go broody (no good if you want hens to sit on fertile eggs).

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