chicken breeds I have kept
lohmann brown
Hybrid egg-laying breed of chicken with a friendly temperament and high egg yield.  Starts laying at around eighteen weeks and produces up to 300 eggs a year.    They are a cross between New Hampshires and some other brown egg laying breeds (company secret).
They are almost identical in looks and temperament to the Hy-Line Brown chicken. 

advantages/disadvantages summary

Photo of a Lohmann Brown chicken.
Lohmann chicken in profile.

Photo of Lohmann Brown chickens in a chicken run.
Lohmann chickens in my chicken run.
  • Excellent layers.
  • Good temperament.
  • Rarely go broody (good if you don't have a rooster).

  • Rarely go broody (no good if you want hens to sit on fertile eggs)
  • No good as a meat chicken

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