chicken breeds I have kept

Internet stock Photo of Australorp hens
Photo of Australorp hens courtesy of the internet.  I kept Australorps in days prior to me owning a digital camera, so I don't have any photos of my own Australorps to show you.
Some fifteen or more years ago I bought three Barnevelder and three Australorp chicks as a trial to see how they went as egg laying chickens.

Australorps have fairly similar looks and characteristics to Barnevelders but ultimately they seemed to me to be not quite as good a layer as Barnevelders, so the Barnevelders won out. I only kept the Australorps for a few seasons.  However I still think Australorps make good backyard chickens.  Well worth considering.

  • Less nervous than Barnevelders
  • Better egg layers than Light Sussex Bantams
  • Not as good layers as Barnevelders