chicken breeds I have kept
other chickens i have kept
I also kept two other types of birds but I will only briefly deal with them as they cannot be bought as specific breeds.

Mixed cross breed chicken
About fifteen years ago I bought a number of mixed cross breed chickens from a local chicken breeder.  They were medium sized chickens with a mix of grey and brown colours.  While I am sure it is possible to raise mixed crossbreed chickens that are good layers the ones I bought turned out to be pretty average, so I did not bother to buy any more from the breeder.  They only thing going for them was that they were very cheap.

This does not mean that buying random crossbreed chickens won't produce good layers but it will be a hit and miss affair and you will never get any consistency as you do with commercial hybrid chicken breeds.

The Eurobird is a hybrid layer with very similar characteristics to the Hy-line Brown, however the supplier has stopped production of them and, as they were the sole supplier in Australia, they are no longer available in Australia, at least according to the retailer I buy my hybrid chickens from.