shed & run design
framed chicken sheds - large images
Large photo of an Australian chicken shed design.
An Australian chicken shed design.  Note that it has large open sections to allow a breeze to flow through.  Image courtesy of "Keeping Poultry" a Department of Agriculture Tasmania publication.

Large photo of a North American chicken shed design.
An American chicken shed design.  It has smaller windows and shutters to protect the chickens from extreme cold in winter.  Image courtesy of "Raising Poultry the Modern Way" by Leonard S. Mercia.

Large photo of a chicken shed in winter.
A chicken shed and run in North America.  As the winters are much colder than Australian Winters the sheds are mainly designed to keep the chickens warm while here in Australia our sheds are designed to keep the chickens cool in order to cope with our long hot Summers.  Image courtesy of the internet.