shed & run design
chicken tractors - large images
Large photo of a home made chicken tractor with wheels at one end
Homemade chicken tractor with wheels at the back and handles at the front so it can be moved easily.  Image courtesy of the internet.

Note the latticework on the top of the run section to provide shade, a nice touch.

Large photo of a small homemade A frame chicken tractor.
Small homemade A frame chicken tractor similar to the one I used to have.  It has handles at both ends so it can be picked up by two people.  Image courtesy of the internet.

Note the white fondant buckets that serve as nest boxes.  They have holes cut in them and a flap that can be opened and closed so eggs can be collected from the back of the nest box.  I thought this was a very good idea.

Large photo of a large commercially made chicken tractor.
Large commercially made chicken tractor designed for at least six chickens. Image courtesy of the internet.

This would have to be the Rolls Royce of chicken tractors with an automatic waterer and a feed bin that can be topped up without entering the pen. As you would be able to stand up in it I think it would be relatively easy to clean, though I suspect you would have to be pretty strong to move it around by hand.  I am not sure where it is made (I believe somewhere in the USA) and it would be pretty expensive to buy, but definitely very stylish.