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irrigated Zone Examples
irrigated example a
Photo of main vegetable bed.
The main vegetable patch is almost always going to be an irrigated zone.  This patch is watered from two sources. 

On the left is a post with a tap on it that's connected to  my two main water tanks.  The water is pumped with a pressure pump to get mains water pressure.  From this tap I hand water the veggie patch using a Dramm watering wand.

The narrow Laserlite roof at the rear of the patch both offers protection for my passionfruit and collects water for the water drum on the right of the photo.  this drum supplies water to my wicking bed (right hand raised bed) and three wicking pots in the veggie patch.
irrigated example b
Photo of raspberry and blackcurrant bushes watering system supplying water to them.
Irrigated raised bed with raspberries and blackcurrants in it.  Water is supplied from tank water via a manual timer and switching valves (bottom left) to a soaker hose (top left) laid in a loop around the plants.

I used soaker hose instead of drippers as it provides a much higher water flow per metre of hose when compared to drippers, which means the pressure pump supplying the water is on for less time, usually only about ten minutes.