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Water zones
Water Zone Examples
water zone example a
Photo of half drum pond with pipe diverter feeding it.
Half drum pond which is fed from a diverter on a veranda roof downpipe.  The pond has a pot suspended in it containing Vietnamese mint.

All mints do well in pots such as this one as they are bog plants.  The overflow from the pond supplies water to a grapevine, the trunk of which can be seen here next to the downpipe.  The overflow pipe also provides water to the oregano and New Zealand spinach planted next to the pond.

water zone example b
Photo of a bathtub pond.
One of three bathtub ponds  grouped together in a hollow to provide a wetland area.  It is fed from an overflow pipe attached to a dipping drum (insert) which is fed from my garage roof.  The actual wetland area is some fifteen metres from the  drum.