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planting large seeds in a row
Following the principles laid out on the Seed Planting Depths & Distances webpage here is a step by step guide on how to plant large seeds (such as peas or beans) in a row.

Illustration of double spacing for large seeds A
Plant the seeds at half the distance recommended on the seed packet and at a depth outlined in the Seed Planting Depths section.

Illustration of double spacing for large seeds B
As the seeds develop into seedlings some will not germinate and some may be eaten or damaged by pests.

Illustration of double spacing for large seeds A
When the seedlings are six to ten centimetres high thin out to the desired spacing for the mature plants. If there are gaps in your line caused by seeds that didn't germinate or plants eaten by pests then transplant some of your unwanted seedlings to these gaps. But make sure you water them well with a liquid fertilizer to ensure that they strike.  And if the weather is hot then wait until there is some cooler weather before transplanting them.

By the time the seedlings have matured into adult plants they should be evenly spaced at the correct distance with no gaps in the line.