21st December 2016
PDF article giving hints on growing lettuces in summer.
  4th January 2017
.PDF article on what to plant and do in your food garden in January.  There are three versions of this article for three different climate zones
  1. Ballarat & district
  2. Coastal mild & inland warm areas
  3. Inland cool mountainous
  21st December 2016
.PDF article about growing  Pak Choi in wet pots.
  14th December 2016
.PDF article discussing how to control earwigs in your vegetable garden. 
  8th December 2016
.PDF article outlining a simple formula for applying the right amount of fertiliser to your vegetable beds. 
  4th December 2016
New link added to the Useful Links section.  The link is to the Stephanie Alexander Foundation Kitchen Garden CLASSROOM website.
  30th November 2006
.PDF article listing some things to do in a food garden in December
  25th November 2016
Minor update of this page, includes two new illustrations on how corn is pollinated.
  23rd November 2016
.PDF article comparing the main mulches that are available.
  18th November 2016
Update of webpage explaining how to grow corn in a raised bed.  Includes a new photo and illustration.
  16th November 2016
.PDF article describing how to grow corn in a raised bed.
  2nd November 2016
.PDF article that explains how to grow tomatoes using the horizontal trellis method.
  26th October 2016
.PDF article that explains how to build a brick mound to grow pumpkins on.
  19th October 2016
.PDF article that gives advice on which vegetables do best planted as seedlings and which as seeds.
  12th October 2016
.PDF article explaining my method of planting potatoes that doesn't require measuring with a tape or follow-up hilling after the potatoes have been planted.
  5th October 2016
.PDF article that describes how to know when to plant different vegetables in spring based on soil temperature.