1st December 2014
Talks about managing broody hens and using a broody hen cage to stop a hen being broody.
  1st November 2014
Explains the benefits of garbage bin chicken nest boxes and how to make one .

  1st October 2014
Looks at two pieces of equipment I use in my chicken run; the Nosloc feeder and the BEC 75 automatic drinker. 

  1st August 2014
This page looks at supplying water, shell grit and gravel to your chickens.

  1st July 2014
Discussion on food and plants you should not feed your chickens

  1st June 2014
Looks at food that can be fed to chickens other than grains or pellets and the different ways it can be fed to them.

  1st April 2014
Looks at the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of grains and grain mixes I feed my chickens.

  1st March 2014
Describes the various space requirements for keeping backyard chickens.