24th August 2016
First of a two part article on planting lettuces in late winter

  19th August 2016
New section on vegetable crop rotation added.

  17th August 2016
Talks about the benefits of crop rotation in your vegetable garden.  It also looks at two crop rotation plans, the four step crop rotation plan and the key crop rotation plan. 

  10th August 2016
Shows how to grow onions seedlings from seed in a planter box and then how to plant them out using two different methods.

  5th August 2016
I have modified and updated the How To Make an aquarium heater Two Seedling Tray propagation box   webpage.  Includes more detailed photos and instructions, and up to date costings.

  3rd August 2016
Printable .PDF article on how to make a two tray heated seedling propagation box using an aquarium heater.  Includes and optional breakout with hints on helping your seedlings grow.
  26th July 2016
Printable .PDF article on cycle mulching, a practice which involves moderating the use of mulch when the weather is cooler in order improve productivity in your vegetable garden.
  23rd July 2016
I will be running a practical seedling propagation workshop at my garden on Saturday 3rd September.

  22nd July 2016
Looks at supporting asparagus stalks so they don't fall over.  Mature asparagus stalks are quite brittle at the base.

  20th July 2016
Printable .PDF article explaining how to prepare an asparagus bed for the new season with a breakout section on maintaining the bed over summer
New webpage explaining how to prepare an asparagus bed for the new season with a breakout section on maintaining the bed over summer

  14th July 2016
New section added which lists Urban Food Garden articles which have are designed for publication.  Fees apply for the use of them by the commercial media but they are available free for personal use or by community groups.

  7th July 2016
New page profiling the Lohmann Brown hybrid chicken.  I have also updated the ISA Brown and Hy-Line Brown chicken webpages.

  30th June 2016
Update of the staggered replacement page of the chicken management section, including an added paragraph on banding chickens so you can easily identify the age of your chickens.

  12th June 2016
Profile of my favourite mandarin.

  30th May 2016
Explains the benefits of using mint boxes to store seeds in.
This month the topic is working out the ideal size of veggie patch for you .

  4th May 2016
Link to flyer about a regular mindfulness meditation that is held at my house and garden on the second Saturday of each month.

  27th April 2016
Explains how to save eggplant seeds.

  28rd March 2016
A look a at a favourite lettuce of mine; Little Gem

  22nd March 2016
The latest Ballarat and District planting guide update; changes to Brussels sprouts, spinach and pea planting time (only minor corrections).

  16th March 2016
Gives details of Urban Food Garden PowerPoint talks and workshops that I offer to community groups, schools and the general public.

  8th March 2016
Gives details of the mini food gardening talks I will be giving at the Community Garden harvest Festival on Sunday 20th March.

  8th February 2016
 Explains my method for killing a chicken.