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Photo of Loquat fruit and leaves.
Fruit and leaves of the Loquat tree.
A subtropical tree growing up to five metres tall (16 Feet).  It has large pointy leaves of a mid green colour with distinct ribs on them.  It produces a rather odd looking colourless flower in late Winter and mature fruit in mid to late Spring.  It also makes an impressive feature tree in any garden.

 The loquat produces smooth skinned yellow to orange coloured fruit about the size of a small plumb.  The fruit has a delicious fruity flavour and can be eaten fresh, made into jam or used in desserts.

Loquats should be planted in a sunny sheltered position and protected from frost during the first year or two. They need soil with good drainage to thrive. Plant as for Citrus trees.  They do not need fertiliser to produce  a good crop but adding some manure will increase the yield.  They can handle moderately dry conditions.  As they are self pollinating they do not need another Loquat tree to produce a crop.