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Compact and hardy mandarin that is suited to cooler conditions.  Produces fruit very early in the season with an excellent flavour.  Its main drawbacks are that it is slow growing (grows at about a quarter of the pace of a lemon tree) and has a short season.

OKITSU WASE (SATSUMA) mandarin tree on the sunny northern side (Southern side in the Southern hemisphere) of our house.  I have another Satsuma mandarin in a large pot which is also doing well.

Close-up of the tree showing the fruit.

Satsuma mandarin segments.  The fruit is easy to peel with quite large segments and a great taste.

plant information

Climate suitability
Warm temperate to subtropical zones, though can handle the cool temperate zone.  Does reasonably well in Ballarat's climate.

Height when established
2 to 4 metres.  though it is very slow growing in the cool temperate zone.

frost tolerance

Self fertile.  Does not require cross pollination so can be planted on it's own.

leaf growth

harvest months
April to early June (Southern hemisphere).

plant information
Like all citrus trees Satsuma mandarins do best planted in well drained soil that gets plenty of sunlight and is sheltered from strong winds. See Planting Citrus Trees for planting information.

While Citrus trees do not need fertiliser to produce a healthy crop they will do better with a liberal spreading of a nitrogen rich fertiliser such as chicken manure each Spring.

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