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four step crop rotation
While there are simpler and more complex rotation plans that can be used the Four Step Crop Rotation plan is probably the most common one used by vegetable gardeners

four step crop rotation plan plant groups
Plant groups very slightly depending on the type of crop rotation plan you are using.  These are the plant groups for a four step crop rotation plan. 
Illustration of the vegetable groups for a four stage crop rotation plan.

If you are using a three step plan then simply combine the leafy and legume groups into a single vegetable group. 

Applying the four step crop rotation plan
Plant each of the four vegetable groups in four separate beds and rotate them in order of what comes next as shown in the four step crop rotation plan diagram.  By following this plan you will ensure that each vegetable group will only be planted in each bed only once every four years.  
Illustration of a four step crop rotation plan

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