Large photo of a soak pot being filled
Soak pot being filled with water.  The seedlings are young pumpkin plants that have been planted on a slight mound.  The poly pipe sticks are to stop blackbirds scratching up the seedlings.

Large photo of a soak pot full of water.
The soak pot full of water.  The pot will take about five to ten minutes to empty.  This method delivers a concentrated supply of water to the target plants with minimal runoff.

Large photo of a soak pot with young pumpkin plants and mulch.
The same soak pot with young pumpkin plants.  To inhibit weeds and encourage moisture retention mulch has been added, including the inside of the soak pot.

Large photo of wet pot with growing pumpkin plants.
The same plants just a few days later.  The stake in the middle of the soak pot is there to guide me  to the water point even when the entire area is covered with pumpkin leaves.

Large photo of large pumpkin plants with wet pot marker stake
Large pumpkin plants at the end of Summer showing the stake used to mark the watering point.