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There is a huge range of trigger watering nozzles available on the market but they almost all suffer from two key problems.  The water spray that they send out is powerful enough to knock down small seedlings and the internal springs used to govern the trigger mechanisms are usually not made of stainless steel and inevitably rust out within two or three years.

Photo of a Dramm wand head gushing water.
A Dramm wand delivers a high water flow with feather touch softness.

Photo of two Dramm wands with close ups of the head and shut off valve
Two 60 cm (24") Dramm wands with close ups of the water breaker head and shutoff valve.  The bottom Dramm wand is the one I have been using for fifteen years.
In contrast the Dramm watering wand has none of these problems.  It is extremely durable and delivers a high water flow with feather touch softness, making it in my mind the best watering nozzle on the market.  It's features are :-

very durable
Dramm wands are very durable as they have been specifically designed for the professional horticultural industry.  I have had mine for fifteen years and it is still going strong.  Over the years I have replaced the ball valve (Cost just $2 AUD), plus I replaced the plastic male hose connection at the end of the wand with a more durable brass one.

High water flow rate delivered very softly
The watering head has 400 holes in it that deliver an incredibly soft spray.  But don't be fooled by it's softness as the flow rate is the best I have found on any watering nozzle.  This saves a lot of time when hand watering as you can deliver the amount of water you want more quickly.

very accurate water delivery
The extended handle allows you to water plants directly at the base of a plant and under it's leaves, reducing the risk of mildew problems caused by wet leaves.

good range of spare parts
Every part of a Dramm watering wand is replaceable and available as spares.  As well the ball valve used to switch on and off the water flow is a standard part in the irrigation industry and is widely available.  In contrast when parts fail on cheaper watering nozzles there are no spare parts, so you have to buy a whole new unit.

Cost effective
Dramm wands start at around $36 AUD (Jan. 2010 pricing).  While this might seem expensive to some people the fact is they last an incredibly long time, many times longer than most other trigger nozzles.  Not only will this save you money in the long run but you will be helping the environment by not chucking out so many failed nozzles.

good range available
Dramm wands start with the 60 cm (24 ") model and go up in size with a range of nozzles, triggers and valves.

Where to buy a dramm wand
Unfortunately, while some nurseries do stock them, here in Australia they are not widely available in retail stores.  If your local nursery doesn't have them then you can order one from Forestry Tools or Sage Horticultural Products

Note that Dramm wands are American made.  There are some cheaper Chinese made copies around and while they are OK their water flow is much harder and spare parts are not available for them.